L. Papius Coins of Variety 39.00

obverse symbol: half of fat fish
reverse symbol: thin fish
trade guild: fishmongers
RRC: 39
Babelon: 74
CNR: unknown

symbols listed as dolphin / tunny-fish by Sydenham. On BMCRR 39, symbols are reversed.

ImageSourceDateOffering/Estimate Price ($)Realized Price ($)CommentsImage Source
Freman & Sear Fixed Price list 11, lot 1632006-00-001500
eBay Auction2006-12-28047.11This is believed to be a cast fake, of which several examples have been reported. Forum Ancient Coins Fake ReportBill Welch
Collection of Emiliano Ramos. Purchase in Filatelia Castilla (Madrid)2009-02-28120.6120.6price in euro: 95Emiliano Ramos