L. Papius Coins of Variety 122.00

obverse symbol: coiled serpent
reverse symbol: dog
trade guild: unknown
RRC: 122
BMCRR: unlisted
Babelon: 9
CNR: unknown

ImageSourceDateOffering/Estimate Price ($)Realized Price ($)CommentsImage Source
Freeman & Sear Fixed Price List 11 no. 1692006-05-22225225BACC #16James Bonanno
0000-00-0000Barry Murphy
Numismatik Lanz, München, Auction 112, lot no. 256.2002-11-25124.210Numismatik Lanz, München, Auction 112, lot no. 256. Photo Lübke and Wiedemann, Stuttgart
Pues 299, 3090000-00-0000Pues 299, 309. Digitized by Gunter Mäckel
Emiliano Ramos ex. Crippa Numismatica (Italy)2009-07-14181.36181.36130 EUREmiliano Ramos